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The archives department possesses an important collection of about 7000 coins.

Most of the preserved coins come from the personal collections of two missionaries of the Society, namely Fathers Maximilien and Henri Arnoulx de Pirey, missionaries in Vietnam in the early twentieth century.


The Archives department has a collection of manuscripts mainly on palm leaves called oles.

1 - Tibetan manuscript offered to F. André (1891-1965, missionary of China).
2 - poem in honor of the God Issourin
3 - Breviary cremation fo monks XIXème- XXème.


The hall of the martyrs, open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, has many objects and relics that belonged to missionaries.

1 - Cambodian reliquary
2 - Cangue of St Pierre Borie (1808-1838, missionary of Vietnam)

Objects of daily life

1 - Objects of St Jean-Louis Bonnard (1824-1852, missionary of Vietnam) exposed in hall of the martyrs (4 : chopsticks / 5 : tea-pot / 6 : watch)
2 - Signet of Mgr Retord (1803-1858, missionry of Vietnam)


1 - Suitcase of F. Léger (1915-1980, missionary of Vietnam) with altar clothes and cult objects
2 - Chasuble of F. Mabileau (1829-1865, missionary of China), made in China, exposed in hall of the martyrs.